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As part of our contribution to the Asterisk community, we offer here a free set of Australian prompts for the Asterisk™ Open Source PBX.

New Release! Version 2.0 released on 24 Sept 2008.

Full voicemail and basic IVR
This package contain voice files which will give your Asterisk system an Australian touch, featuring a complete set of prompts for the voicemail application, prompts for basic Asterisk IVR functionality, wakeup calls, and some fun prompts. Check out the complete list of prompts with some demo mp3 files

If you need a full set of prompts for Asterisk or Trixbox, featuring conference calls, call queues, A2Billing, services, menus and more, please see our Premium or AtHome packages.

Professionally studio recorded
All were professionally recorded in a commercial studio, and feature the voice of Alex Dalrymple, who is a regular announcer at a major Sydney radio station.

Wording is identical to the Asterisk-distributed prompts, except for some minor Australian enhancements (eg poundhash).

Feel free to use and distribute
They are offered under a Creative Commons licence, meaning that they are completely free to use, in both commercial and non commercial environments. Derivatives and redistribution are also permitted as described in the licence. Please see the file README in the archive for attribution requirements.

Easy to install
These prompts are offered as a tar.gz package, taking only a minute to install. Follow the README file in the archive for instructions. The format of these files is GSM.

Download the free prompts

This package is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike licence.
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(v2.0, 1Mb tar.gz)

(1Mb .tar.gz)
17 Sept '08 (v2.0)

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